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Fractional Leadership: Accelerate Your Business with Expertise as a Service (EaaS)

At Light Beam, we provide flexible fractional leadership to help medical device, biotech, pharma, and B2B executives by developing and executing growth strategies that accelerate revenues and build strong brands.


We provide deeply experienced fractional or interim CEOs, Chief Commercial Officers, and Chief Marketing Officers, to round out your leadership team and help you solve your company’s most complex and pressing challenges.

Light Beam experts guide business leaders and teams:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Global Commercialization

  • New Business Development

  • Financial Forecasting, Modeling 

  • Strategic Alliances - M&A 

  • Organizational Design

  • Portfolio Mgmt.

  • PMO Program Mgmt.

  • Branding

  • Product Launches

  • Product Development Planning

  • Global Distribution

  • OGSM Modeling and Mgmt.

  • Acquisition/Integration Mgmt.

  • Lead Mgmt. Processes

  • Commercial Budget Mgmt.

  • Clinical Trial Development

  • Internet Marketing

Stacey, Head Shot-78KB.jpg
Stacey Cram
Founder and Lead CXO

I am a commercial team accelerator and turnaround specialist.  I help Fortune 500 and growth stage companies advance their strategic plans, accelerate their revenues, strengthen their marketing, and fix their toughest problems.  


My roots are in strategic and product marketing, business development, sales, and complex program management. I build high performance teams that drive sales, product management, product development, and partnership success.  Analytical, data-driven and tech focused, I enable teams to deliver on-time and at strong ROIs.  

​I have coached over 50 CEOs, Sales & Marketing, & R&D leaders in startups through Fortune 500 companies.

I accelerate their businesses:

  1. by strengthening strategic plans

  2. by expediting time-to-market

  3. by catalyzing marketing and sales teams

  4. and by solving the stickiest problems

My initiatives helped clients:

  1. increase their revenues by more than $1Billion

  2. shorten their R&D times-to-market by up to 50% (or 2 years)

  3. successfully launch more than 75 products

  4. and close 5 successful exits


20+ years leading commercialization (Marketing, Sales, Bus. Dev., Corp. Dev.) and building businesses in North America and globally in multiple medical fields (cardiac, vascular, transplant, pulmonary, neuro, orthopedic/spine, trauma, acute care, blood products, and military).

  • 12+ years advancing cardiac surgery at Medtronic, Possis Medical (Now Boston Scientific) and Bio-Vascular (Now Baxter)

  • 10+ years innovating in the blood mgmt., transfusion mgmt., and biotech fields at Terumo BCT and Bonfils Blood Center (Now Vitalant)

  • 2+ years in trauma and acute care triage at Terumo BCT and Zimmer Biomet

  • 2 years in disease diagnostics at Carter Wallace and LightDeck Diagnostics

  • 1 year in spine and ortho/spine surgery at Kleiner Device Labs and Zimmer Biomet

  • 3 years as CEO of a cardiology services company (Peak Heart) transforming the legacy pacemaker servicing model

I managed global Marketing and Sales teams for 20+ years and lived in the Netherlands for 6 years leading the Europe, Middle East and Africa business areas for 2 cardiac surgery businesses.  

My education includes MBA training at the Carlson School of Mgmt. - U of Minnesota and a BA in Biology (pre-med) from Colorado College.


Partner Businesses
Strategic, Financial, Regulatory, Execution

Light Beam's growing list of partner service and technology providers ensures that Light Beam can bring industry leading expertise and technologies to support your business needs.

"Stacey Cram is a creative, conscientious, professional leader and a valued friend.

I hired Stacey to advance the business concept and rationale for one of our company’s most promising initiatives and to lead our commercial efforts for the project. He developed a compelling vision, an intelligent business plan, a solid market segmentation plan and powerful financial modelling to help guide and sell the initiative. I am impressed with Stacey’s analytical skills, his ability to develop a compelling story amidst conflicting data points and his persuasive skills. These attributes have significantly advanced the value and reputation of this initiative at our company.


Stacey’s positive personality, creative manner and commercial knowledge allow him to work seamlessly with physician key opinion leaders and with people in all areas of the business. Stacey would be a true asset for any positions requiring creative leadership, high integrity and seasoned business acumen and comes with my heartfelt recommendation."

Vincent Gaspar-Sr VP, Global Blood Center Market Segment & Business Area Mgmt., Terumo BCT 
(Now VP of New Markets & Global Strategic Marketing at Prolacta Bioscience)

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